How to: Send an instrument for repair or calibration services

Please take the following steps to receive service for a scheduled calibration or repair

This only applies to SA2001, SA3001, or SA5001 instruments.

Step 1:   Ensure your instrument has service

You can visit the My Instruments page to view your instruments and any annual care packages you may have on them.  If you don't have a care package, you will need to purchase service. You can do this at our Shop. There you will be able to chose what service you need and check out. You can pay via credit card or a purchase order. If paying with a Purchase Order, you will be asked to provide a PO after checkout.

    Step 2: Wait for confirmation email to send your instrument.

    After you have purchased service, our team will create your service ticket and you will receive an e-mail with an address and instructions to ship your instrument to us. Receipt of the email could vary based on geography so please do not ship your instrument until you receive the confirmation.

      Step 3:  Send Us your instrument

      Please package your instrument in the case it was received in, send us your surface analyst to the address listed in the e-mail.  It is not necessary to return accessories such as batteries or charging stations, unless you believe they may require replacement and they will be inspected as part of the service process.  It is important you include your RMA number.

      Step 4:  We service your instrument

      Your instrument is serviced to the highest standard based on the service level you selected from our Service Subscriptions or the type of One-Time calibration.

      Step 5:  We return your instrument

      When your instrument has completed service, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information to track your instrument.

      General Tips:

      • During colder months, use "air" shipping methods that are more rapid to reduce the time and likelihood your instrument is exposed to freezing temperatures
      • Service Updates, i.e. Return shipping updates will be delivered via the e-mail address of the party that submits the service request.